managerial positions in all three key roles

EPM founder, Murat H. Ertan, has an architecture diploma delivered by the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and has been involved in construction management for more than 15 years in Switzerland and abroad.

He held managerial positions in all three key roles of the construction business:

  • Owner’s Representative: 6 years as an for an independent private equity company,
  • Associate Architect: 3 years as an in a renowned Geneva architecture firm,
  • General Contractor: 7 years with a major Swiss construction company as construction site manager and a project manager.

During this period, M. Ertan has been leading small to large size construction and development projects ranging from CHF 2M to 300M.

His involvement in these three positions gives M. Ertan a legitimacy to provide a thorough understanding of his clients expectations as well as an expertise that allows him to anticipate each stakeholders tasks, establish a dynamic work process and thus achieve a fluid workflow that avoids costly delays and iterations.


Owner’s representative:

  • Head of technical advisory team for a Private Equity group
  • Owner’s Representative and Lead Project Manager of the developement and the construction of the Starling Hotel Lausanne
  • Investor’s representative at the Building Committee of the Starling Hotel Geneva
  • Owner’s Representative of the developement and the construction of 6 hotels in France
  • Director of Property & Asset Management of private owners


  • Lead Project Manager of the international consortium for the renovation project of the International Labour Office (ILO) headquarters in Geneva (110’00m2)

Construction (General contractor):

  • Apartments building (60 units) in Geneva for the Real Estate branch of one of the biggest insurance company of Switzerland 
  • Office building in Versoix
  • Renovation/relocation studies of an industrial site from Geneva city centre to Satigny 
  • Construction of a compound of 22 villas in Coppet